A message from Crystal:

Dearest Community,

After six amazing and impactful years as the executive director of Kulture Klub Collaborative I will be passing the baton to new leadership for this extremely special organization. This decision is filled with mixed emotions for me, but our beloved KKC is healthy and stable, has a supportive board and staff, and has demonstrated resilience at almost 30 years old (!). As someone who fiercely believes in and has stewarded KKC’s mission and vision, I believe that now is the time for this transition. 

Meaningful leadership means knowing when to step up, but perhaps more importantly, when to step aside. This is especially true for white folks like myself in leadership positions where the vast majority of participants identify as Indigenous, Black, or people of color. For the past two years KKC has prioritized formalizing our youth-centered equity and inclusion practices by creating guidelines to steer organizational decisions and tools to track and evaluate those decisions. These guidelines are youth, artist, partner, and staff informed. I am confident that these will be utilized in hiring, programming, and strategic planning moving forward. 

In the coming months the KKC Board and Transition Team will be actively seeking new leadership. During that process, I will be present and steady with the organization to help ensure programs and operations are smooth until a new leader can begin. After that, I won’t be going very far as I plan to switch roles to be a supporter and donor to this very important, changemaking work. I am excited for both KKC and myself as I move on to explore new opportunities where I can grow and contribute my skills and passions in significant ways.

I am eternally grateful to the amazing staff and artists that I have had the honor of collaborating with during these past six years. I have to say though it’s the young people who have brought me the greatest inspiration, hope, and pure joy. What an honor to witness the immense creative brilliance and resiliency of young folks that are navigating so much. These systems are systematically designed to harm them and I am committed to continuing to support them in any way that I can, but always with art, creativity, and joyful connection.


With deep gratitude,

Crystal Brinkman

A message from the Board of Directors:

The Kulture Klub Collaborative Board of Directors would like to express our profound gratitude for Crystal’s work over the past 6 years. Her impassioned efforts to create and maintain a nurturing space has allowed young artists to grow, heal, create, and thrive. During Crystal’s time at Kulture Klub we have seen tremendous growth in programming as well as expanded mentorship and employment opportunities for youth experiencing homelessness. This is due largely to her work stewarding new funding relationships, building new community partnerships, and her strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.  For all of these reasons, we are saddened to see her go but Kulture Klub is left in a better position as a result of her time with us. We are confident that Crystal will do exceedingly well in any opportunity she sets her mind to and we wish her the best in all of her future endeavors.

The board is also grateful that Crystal has given us the gift of time. In partnership with dedicated program manager Joy Spika, she will continue to provide opportunities for artists and youth to come together. As a result, this process is filled with intention with a clear plan and timeline already in place. The KKC Board and Transition Team will be going through a hiring process that includes input from youth and community members as we search for our next executive director. We are utilizing KKC’s equity guidelines during this process to make sure that our organization is grounded in that work. 

KKC stands on solid ground thanks to all of the fabulous artists and youth workers over the years who have worked so hard to create a space for young people to develop their skills and express themselves. Young people can count on KKC through this pandemic, economic downturn, ongoing unrest and collective work to abolish the police, and continuing efforts to dismantle white supremacy to create a world where we can ALL be healthy and thrive. 

This is truly an exciting and pivotal time for KKC.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Kulture Klub Collaborative Board of Directors

Zach Bagaason

Romisha Gray

Christina Jacobson

Zola Richardson

Marney Thomas

Sam Winter