Full Cycle and Kulture Klub will be celebrating their gallery opening with a barbeque on Friday, July 22 from 4-8 pm.

There will be free food, DJ’s and break dancing, and a free giveaway of items including art supplies, bikes and more. Stop by 3515 Chicago Avenue South to check out the art and new gallery space. Amazing artwork by Kulture Klub youth for sale including paintings, sculptures, black and white photography, poetry and stenciled t-shirts. 100% of the proceeds from purchased artwork goes directly back to the youth who made it.

Please call Matt at Full Cycle – 612.718.7521 or Mike at Kulture Klub 612-968-7678 with any questions.

Old News

The Triple Rock Social Club and 770 RadioK will be hosting a benefit concert for KKC and Full Cycle on July 1.

Full Cycle is a program through the Minneapolis Red Cross where homeless and street dependent youth age 23 and under learn how to build and maintain their own free bicycle. Big thanks to all of the participating artists and our MCAD super team (Bethany, Adam, and Eric) for organizaing the event.

The benefits stellar lineup includes: Toki Wright, Big Quarters, and DJ Aaron Money. Hope to see you there!

$7 – All ages at 5 pm
$7 – 21+ at 9 pm.

July 22nd KKC and Full Cycle will be hosting a BBQ, open house, youth art exhibition at the Full Cycle shop on the corner of 35th street and Chicago Ave. S. in Minneapolis (next door to the Pillsbury House). The even kicks off at 4 pm and includes DJs, breakdancers, and food and refreshments. Come back soon for more details.