Jasmine poses with her painting “Adam & Eve”, 2007.

Layers: an exploration of race and identity

Reception and Exhibition
The Minneapolis Foundation
8th Floor, IDS Center
80 South Eighth Street

Local artists explore the role of race and identity – both how we define ourselves and how others define us.

The works in this exhibit reflect upon the complex layers of race and racism, including history, ancestry, culture, society, science, and appearance. This art exhibit is held at the same time as the Science Museum’s RACE exhibit, of which the Foundation is a sponsor.

View photographs, paintings, prints, quilts, and installations that reconsider race, celebrate difference, and contemplate the roots of identity.

Participating artists:
Mica Lee Anders Shana Kaplow
Audrey Bernard Fawzia Khan
Felix Hampton Brown Jasmine King
Julaporn Mok Buakaow Jane Kramer
Elissa Cedarleaf Dahl Vanessa Leal
Beverly Cottman Jimmy R. Longoria
Lynn Fellman Kimberlyn Lura
Nancy Gipple Linda Maylish
Cris T. Halverson Peter B. Becker Nelson
Christopher E. Harrison Jenelle Norris
Michael Hoyt Patricia Phillips
Helen C. Jackson Cristina Plaza Ruiz
Carol Jacobson Sean Smuda