Migrations is a public art project created by Kulture Klub, an independent nonprofit arts organization that brings together artists and homeless teens.

In 2003, the estimated number of homeless/unaccompanied youth 17 and under in the twin cities every night was 660.* To symbolize this population the youth of Kulture Klub worked with Artist-In-Resident Suzy Greenberg to create pocket sized sculptures, “self-portraits”, representations of themselves. Through the casting process these miniature artworks were duplicated over and over to reach 660 pieces. Distributed throughout the Twin Cities, the objects become small treasures to be found by the public. The pieces have each been marked to lead the audience to kultureklub.org where they can learn about this project. As well, the sites of distribution have been marked on a map, tracking the scope of this mini-large-scale project.

Migration images

*From the Wilder Research Center MN Statewide Survey. http://www.wilder.org/index.html