KKC has launched an exciting Artist In Residence with artist Peter Haakon Thompson. Working through self-portraiture, Thompson is engaging youth in photography workshops that explore intimate personal connections amidst the diverse landscapes of their lives. Homeless youth will partner to create photographic work that represents meaningful and emotional responses to places and spaces they occupy. The spaces our youth occupy are intrinsically emotional and historically charged due to the transient nature and the impact of homelessness. Youth will photograph, explore, journal and engage in dialogue about the lenses with which we see and share spaces in our lives.

More of Thompsons work can be viewed HERE.

We have received a amazing donation from two middle school students whom took it upon themselves to do a fundraiser for KKC! Please go HERE to read more about this project.

We have a really great article about Kulture Klub posted in the Downtown Journal for the week of May 1, 2006.

Be sure to check out the Star tribunes Lifestyle section on Dec. 19th for a great article about KKC!